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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Real Talk

Christian McGee - Earth Tone

It's been A while since I've posted anything. I've learn alot in life so far and I will continue on this journey. I appreciate everything that has happened in life so far, and I'm looking forward to an abundant future.

We are spiritual beings, experiencing human life. We can be anything we want, have anything we want. #EnjoyLife

Monday, September 30, 2013

World Tour? "The Key To The World"

Christian McGee - Earth Tone

Info On Touring And Saving Money

The "Key" about being a CEO of an Independant Music Label, would be the understanding of change. In order to find your market you must travel. If you enjoy traveling you'll be happy on both ends. I like to turn everything into a project and science experiment. If your worried about loosing the money you put into this type of project. I suggest you change your point of view. 

Musicians/Band's - could potently make traveling internationally a life style. If your from the states like me. You could start in Europe or Central/South America. Guess it depends on your style of music. Rock would do well in Europe of course, but who's to say it wont in the Latin America's? Like I said it depends on style of music, A Rock Latin band might do better in the Latin America's. Touring for 6 months of the year would be ideal. Finding places to live for that time are easy to find. Ideal place to rent would be a place that has everything included in the rent price (elect, t.v. internet, etc). 

Money - I find the understanding of how to make money a problem in most musicians. "How can i travel and make money through music?" Think about this one people. Most Independant musicians I know have a "Day Job". For instance I'm a Chef, and my 1st step is to find a solid chef/cook job. This works every time I move to a new city. Allows me to spread my music everywhere. 

Travel Time - One thing I'm learning in my journey, would be the budgeting it would take to move, and sustain myself from city to city. The more you do this the easier it will be. Right now I'm planing my Latin America Tour. Finding a central/neutral city to call home base, and once established, start traveling to city's near by. The sole purpose for me traveling is to perform / network in new territories. This way you meet your fans face to face. Developing this type of relationship will determine the length of your music career.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fundraising Project.

Christian McGee - Earth Tone

Reading up on a couple of artist/bands that started fundraising to there fans & supporters. They ended up raising money for shirts, album, tour, or what ever there project was. Amazing to see the amount of people who just want to help these great artist. If you are feeling the same about my music inbox me. My team & I are starting a fundraising project to jump start our tour this Fall/Winter Would love to see who really supports Independant music. We need your help, without you, who would we play for?!

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Christian “Twin” McGee was raised in King George County, Virginia (outside of Fredericksburg). This talented and multifaceted author, composer, emcee, singer, producer and writer currently resides in Miami. Twin’s love of music started in the fifth grade. “I loved music class because there were so many instruments to play!”

He began playing “blue grass” and still is an advanced player of the acoustic and bass guitar. Because of his musical upbringing, he easily transitioned into deejaying, producing and writing. In 2005 he established Hybrid Productions with his fraternal twin brother. “Twin” is his childhood name as Christian was the younger of the two siblings.

Twin has worked on advertisements for local Richmond businesses as well as music for underground emcees Sage Fauconier of Shakara Entertainment, Incorporated and States of Money Train Entertainment. Because of his outstanding production work in September of 2008 he negotiated an in house production deal with Shakara Entertainment, Incorporated. In October 2010 he started Monolithic Music Group L.L.C. Based out of Richmond, VA.

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